Wednesday, 20 May 2015

My first expert- my mum!

I have always wondered how my mom would have the solution for anything under the sun -whether stated explicitly or ever-so-slightly-hinted-at for you to decipher things on your own. I have wondered how her touch, thought, word and action would spur me on. And even that how I had to and then later how every woman could turn into something like that and how could that be. Some of that made sense, when I recently became a mom.
Afterall, she was my first expert - the first person I learnt to rely on, with whom I needn't put on.

My shoulder to lean on,
still hoping I stand tall.
And rise high out of every fall,
she's ever so keen on.
My first mentor
my existence's centre
my panacea
helps me shirk inertia
my go-to escort
my first expert!
My mom -respect!